Johnson / Johnston, Amanda Frances

Amanda Frances Johnson/Johnston was the daughter of Asa Johnson and Frances A. Bruce.  Amanda’s father, Asa Johnson was born on November 3, 1807 in Kentucky. Amanda’s mother, Frances A. Bruce was born July 15, 1808 in Tennessee.  Amanda was called Mandy, since she was a child.  She was born January 29, 1848 in Missouri.  Some members of Mandy’s family spelled their name Johnston.On January 25, 1866, at the age of eighteen years old.  Amanda married Ezra Johnson. He was twenty four years old.  Ezra was born May 14, 1842 in Missouri. He had just returned from his service in the Civil War.

Amanda was a midwife by trade. She apprenticed under another midwife. We don’t know, who that was.  Amanda also served as a general practitioner when there was no doctor close.  She knew many remedies and people trusted her.  Amanda kept her utensils clean and washed the bags that she kept them in.  She was often up all night, delivering babies, only to come home with no sleep, to fix breakfast and see to the needs of her entire family, all day.  Between 1871 and 1882, she lost four babies of her own.

Ezra Johnson and Amanda Frances Johnson had 10 children.  The first of these was Electa/Electra Angeline Johnson.  She was born on May 19, 1867 in Douglas County, Missouri.  Electra’s nickname was Eccie.  She married John Wright in 1884 or 1885 in Douglas County, Missouri.  John was, later institutionalized for mental illness.  Electra died on February 13, 1956.  We don’t know where. We have no other information of the life, death or burial of Electra Angeline Johnson.

The second child of Ezra Johnson and Amanda Frances Johnson was Joseph Asa Johnson.  He was named after both of his grandfathers, Asa Johnson and Joseph Asa Johnson.  Joseph was Joe to his friends and Asa to his family.  Joseph was born on March 6, 1869 in Douglas County, Missouri.  His first wife was Pruda Florence wood. She died in 1902 in Douglas County, Missouri.  They were married September 7, 1890, in Douglas County, Missouri.  Second, he married Mary Elizabeth Darrow in 1903 in Douglas County, Missouri.  Mary was a wonderful step mother to the children from his first marriage.  They moved to Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma.  They, later moved to Texas.  Joseph’s third wife was Pearl, whom he called Pearlie.  She had a son from a former marriage.  They moved to DeQueen, Sevier County, Arkansas.  For most of his life, Joseph was a general store owner, a church pastor and a farmer. He died on December 26, 1940 in DeQueen, Sevier County, Arkansas. Joseph was buried in DeQueen, Sevier County, Arkansas. We have no further knowledge of Joseph Asa Johnson’s life, death or burial.

Sarah Frances Johnson was the third child of  Ezra Johnson and Amanda Frances Johnson.  Sarah was sometimes called Sally.  She was born on  August 2, 1871 in Douglas County, Missouri.  Sarah Married Marvin Cantrell.  We have no further details about their marriage.  She died on August 13, 1922.  We have no record of where she died or where she was buried.

Ezra Johnson and Amanda Frances Johnson’s fourth child was Mathilda Pauline Johnson.  Mathilda was known as Mattie.  She was born on July 18, 1882 in Douglas County, Missouri.  Mattie, first married Frank Jenkins in Douglas County, Missouri.We don’t know when they were married.  Mattie’s second marriage was to William Elisha Sanders, a distant cousin.  They were married in Douglas County, Missouri.  He went by Elisha or Bill.  They moved to Belen, Valencia County, New Mexico.  Mattie died December 12, 1958 in Belen, Valencia County, New Mexico.  She was buried at the Masonic Cemetery, Las Cruces in Dona Ana County, New Mexico. We have no additional knowledge of the life, death or burial of Mathilda Pauline Johnson.

The fifth child of Ezra Johnson and Amanda Frances Johnson was Otha Arminta Johnson.  Otha was sometimes called Odie.  She was born April 13, 1885 in Douglas County, Missouri.  Otha married William John Howard on June 9, 1902, in Arno, Douglas County, Missouri.  He was a successful farmer and businessman.  Otha had a long live and died in Missouri.  We have no further details of the life, death or burial of Otha Arminta Johnson.

Charles Lorenzo Johnson was the Sixth child of  Ezra Johnson and Amanda Frances Johnson.  According to family records, He had several nicknames.  Some of these nicknames were Charlie, Loren, Lonzo and Lon.  Charles was born November 11, 1887, in Douglas County, Missouri.  Throughout his life he was a farmer and church pastor.
Charles married Elsey Applegate in Douglas County, Missouri.  We don’t know when or where, they were married. We don’t know if Charles and his wife were the parents of any children.Charles died on March 9, 1946 in Douglas County, Missouri.  We believe, he was buried at Good Hope Cemetery in Douglas County, Missouri. We have no other record of Charles Lorenzo Johnson’s life, death or burial.

Ezra Johnson and Amanda Frances Johnson moved to Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma.  They were both valued members of there community, wherever they lived. Amanda had a good life, but a hard life.  She died on May 19, 1919 in Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma.  Amanda was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, in Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma. We have no more details of the life, death or burial of Amanda Frances Johnson / Johnston.

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