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William Anderson Smith was the son of  Samuel Smith and Ruth Duncan. William’s father, Samuel Smith was born on October 30, 1791, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. William’s mother, Ruth Duncan was born on January 1, 1800, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  William was born on December 10, 1835 in Cumberland County, […]

Families (Smith, William Anderson 1835)

Sarah Benson Mason was the daughter of Josiah Mason and Elizabeth G. Benson.  Sarah’s nickname was Sally.  Sarah’s father, Josiah Mason was born on July 11, 1806 in Tennessee.  Sarah’s mother, Elizabeth G. Benson was born on October 20, 1808 in Springfield, Robertson County, Kentucky.  We don’t know much about […]

Families (Mason, Sarah Benson 1844)

Robert Stuart Coulter 3rd was born on September 20, 1834, in the area of  Randolph County, Illinois.  His father, Robert Stuart Coulter 2nd was born in 1809, in Kentucky. Robert’s mother, Isabelle Wylie was born on April 26, 1810 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  He was a farmer by trade.  His heritage […]

Families (Coulter III, Robert Stuart 1834)

Polly Anne Lanterman was the daughter of William Applegate Lanterman and Eliza Luman.  William Applegate Lanterman was born on November 26, 1815 in Fleming County, Kentucky.  Eliza Luman was born 1820 in Lewis County, Kentucky.  Polly Anne’s name at birth was Mary Anne Lanterman.  Polly Anne was born on June […]

Families (Lanterman, Mary [Polly] Anne 1840)

John Harvey Doran was the son of Robert Lowry Doran and Elizabeth Lowry.  His father, Robert Lowry Doran was born in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia, on July 19, 1786.  Robert’s mother was Elizabeth Lowry, who was born on August 13, 1790 in Virginia.  Robert’s parents were distant cousins.  John was […]

Families (Doran, John Harvey 1828)

Isaac Walter Knapp was the son of John Knapp and Margaret Jones.  John Knapp was born in 1796 in Essex County, Ontario, Canada.  Margaret Jones  was born on April 10, 1797 in Canada.  Some say she was born in Wales.  Isaac was born in 1821 in Essex County, Ontario, Canada. […]

Families (Knapp, Isaac Walter 1821)

George Columbus Wood was the child of  William C. Wood and Mary B. Williams. William C. Wood was born in 1823 in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri  He went by Bill.  Mary B. Williams was born in about 1823 in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.  Mary’s nickname was Polly.  George Columbus Wood […]

Families (Wood, George Columbus 1846)

Ezra Johnson was the son of Joseph Asa Johnson and Sarah Lucy/Lucille Tobey. Ezra’s father, Joseph Asa Johnson was born on March 7, 1814, in Kentucky.  Ezra’s mother, Sarah Lucy Tobey was born on December 3, 1819, in Owensville, Gibson County, Indiana. Ezra Johnson was born on May 14, 1842, in […]

Families (Johnson, Ezra 1842)

Elizabeth Mearns was the daughter of  William Mearns and Margaret Findlay.  Elizabeth’s father, William Mearns was born on October 31, 1785 in Sorn, East Ayrshire, Scotland.  Elizabeth’s mother, Margaret Findlay was born on May 18, 1810, in Galston, East Ayrshire,Scotland.  Elizabeth was born on November 24, 1840, in Falla, Roxboroughshire, […]

Families (Mearns, Elizabeth 1841)