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There are thousands of surnames all over the world. Many more than 100 or 200 years ago. Almost every surname has changed over time. New spellings of the old names have created many problems for genealogists. The new spellings and sometimes different pronunciations, have added to these problems. There are […]

Surname Overview

Surnames that have changes in spelling over time as illustrated below: Aaron, Aron, Arron Abbey, Abbe, Abbie, Abby Abbott, Abbett, Abbit, Abbot, Abott Abel, Abeel, Abell, Able Abernathy, Abernethy, Abernathie Acker, Acor, Acres, Aker, Akers Acworth, Ackworth, Ackworthe Adams, Addams, Adamms, Adam, Addoms Adcock, Addcock, Adcok Addebury, Addabury, Atterbury, Attaberry, […]

Surname Variations (A-F)

Many people, who sailed to the Americas, over the years from other counties, changed their names. They wanted to fit in. They didn’t want to stand out or be seen as different. Some people simply used a translation, of their surname. We will be adding to this list, as time […]

Surname Translations

In genealogy, even the smallest details are important.   In each family that you research, if you  need to find someone who was born before 1940, for example,  you can use the 1940 U.S. Census to find your first ancestor in that particular family. Some people trace just their surname line. […]

Beginning Genealogy