Scottish Clans and Family Societies

There are thousands of clans and societies, which are heritage organizations.  Many of these organizations do a lot of good work.  This is a good reason to support them or become a member.  However, if your goal is to learn something more about your genealogy from these organizations, then you need to be a little more discriminating.  For instance, the Scottish Clan societies differ widely.  Some of them have a genealogy group within the society.  Some do not.  Some of these groups get together and have a great  time; but they have very little to do with genealogy.  Some of these groups know quite a bit about their genealogy.  These groups are formed under a particular surname of Scottish origin.  If your goal is to know more about your genealogy; then ask questions first.  Find out if they have a genealogist on board; and if they are interested in the history of the name.  One magazine that has been helpful to me is The Highlander.  Over the years, it has featured a number of stories that included my ancestors.

There are national organizations such as the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  This organization helps our U. S. Military Veterans and Active Duty Troops along with many other helpful activities.  A number of other organization have similar activities.  This group requires that you be descended from a patriot, one who fought or gave aid to the American Cause.

There are groups that you can join, it is wise to pick and choose.  These include descendants of the Mayflower, of Jamestown, and all the way to Twin Territories, which is in Oklahoma.  There is a heritage group for almost every area of the country that you can think of.  Of course, we are all proud of our heritage and where we come from.  The fees for any of the organizations vary greatly.  With all of these groups, you must meet certain heritage criteria.

Heritage groups can often provide very useful information.  Historical societies can also be very helpful.  They will have information that is particular to their individual region or area.  Each group may have information, which is available nowhere else.  Each state is different in some ways.  Even the counties within a state will not all be the same.

Every state has genealogy societies.  Almost all of these, along with any of the above societies, have websites.  You can use the websites to find out what kinds of information is available.  Some of these sites are not updated very often, so you may need to call.