Surname Variations (L-Q)

Surnames that have changes in spelling over time:

Labre, Lamber, Lambrer

Labuxiere, Labushear, Labussiere

Lacey,  Lacy, Lacie, Lasy

Lackey, Lakey, Laskey

Ladd, Lad, Lade

Ladich, Ladigh, Ledech

Ladue, LaDoux, LaDue, LaDeu, Ladew, LaDow, LaDu

Laird, Lairde, Lared

Lake, Lakke, Lakes

Lakin, Laken, Likkin, Likins

Lamb, Lam, Lamm

Lamberson,  Lamberton, Lamberdon

Lambert, Lombard, Lumbard

Lambson,  Lamson, Lampson

Lammot, Lammott, Lamott

Lampman, Lampin, Lambman, Lampen

Lancaster, Landcaster, Lancasters

Land, Lande Lands

Landale, Landsell, Lansdell

Landis, Landes, Lantes

Landon,  Landin, Landing, Landen, London

Lane, Lain, Laine, Layne, Layn, Lehn, Len

Langford,  Langfort, Langforth, Langfoot, Langeford, Langfat, Langfit, Langfitt, Longeford, Longfort, Longforth, Longfoot, Longafoot, Longfit, Lonfort, Lonfit, Lightfoot, Lightfitt, Lankfort, Lankfort

Langley, Langy, Longley

Langston, Lansdon, Langton

Lanier, Laniere, Lainier

Lansdale, Landsell, Lansdell

Lanzo, DeLanzo, DeLonzo

Lapham, Laphamn, Laphams

Larcom, Larkcom, Larkum

Larrison, Larason, Larison, Larreson

Larzelere, Larzlere, Larzeler

Lash,  Lauch, Lasch

Lasley, Lasly, Lassley

Latham, Leatham, Lathame

Latimer,  Latimore, Lattemore, Lattimer

Laubach, Lauback, Labach

Lauderdale, Leatherdale,

Laudenslager, Lawdenslager, Lautenslager

Lauman, Lowman, Lowmen

Lausch,  Laush, Lousch, Loush

Lawrence,  Lawrance, Laurence, Larrance, Lorance, Lowrence

Layman, Laman, Lament, Lamont, Lemmons, Lemon

Lea, Lee, Leigh

Leach,  Leech, Leich, Leitch

Leadbetter, Ledbetter, Ledebetter

Leal, Leale, Leall

Lear,  Leare, Leer, Lehr, Leigher, Lohr

Leatherman, Letherman, Leathermen

Leaters, Lathers, Leather, Leatherer

Lecky, Lackey, Lacky, Lakey

Le Drezen, Le Dresen, Le Dresin

Lee, Lea, Leigh

Leffingwell,  Lefingwell, Leftingwel

Leffler,  Lefflier, Lefler

Lefoy,  Lafoy, leffoy

Leftwich,  Leftwhich, Leftwitch

Legare,  Legarre, Legare, Legere, Legeer, Legear

Legg, Leg, Legge

Leggett,  Legget, Legett, Leget

Lehew,  Lehue, Lehu, Lahew

Lehman,  Leman, Leaman

Lehmer,  Leamer, Lemer

Leib,  Leab, Libe, Leep, Lipe

Leiby, Leibey, Leibye

Leichleiter,  Lickliter, Lickletter, Leekliter

Leidy,  Lattigg, Leyde, Lidey, Lydick

Leigh,  Liegh, Lee, Leah

Leighton,  Laighton, Layton, Laton

Lein,  Lien, Line

Leinbach,  Leimbach, Lembach, Lemback, Lembeck

Leininger,  Leinlinger, Lenlinger

Leiper,  Leaper, Leeper

Leisenring,  Liesenin, Lisenring, Liesenring

Leist,  Least, Liest

Leith,  Leath, Lieth

Leitheiser,  Leatheser, Leathesser

Leitch,  Leach, Leech, Leash

Leland,  Lealand, Leiland

Lemon, Leaman, Leamon, Leman, Lemmon

Lemasters,  Lemaster, Lemastters, Masters

Lemunyon, Lamunyon, Lemunyin

Lenhert, Lenhart, Leonhart

Lenior, Lanier, Lanoir, Lenore

Leonard,  Lenard, Lennard, Linnard, Leonerd

Lepage, Lapage, Lepaige

Lerch, Larch, Lark

Lesesne, Lesesen, Leseson

Lestage, LeStage, Lestagg

Lesuer, Lesueur, Lesure

Lester, Lestor, Leaster

Letchworth, Lietchworth, Litchworth

Letts, Lett, Let

Letzenbergh, Litzenberg, Litzenberger

Levan, LeVan, LeVann

Levy, Leavy, Levi

Lewis, Louis, Louise

Lewman,  Looman, Luman, Lehman, Lyman, Leman, Leaman

Levestone, Leveston, Leviston, Levistone

Libhart, Lybhart, Libheart

Lichty, Lichtey, Lichtie

Light,  Leight, Licht, Lite

Lightner, Lighter, Lightnere

Ligon, Lygon, Liggon

Liken,  Likens, Lykens, Lycon, Lycons

Lilley, Lillie, Lilly, Lily, Lylly

Lincoln,  Linkin, Lincon

Lind, Lynd, Linde

Lindemuth, Lindamood, Lindamude, Lindenmuth

Lindley, Linday, Lindly

Lindsey,  Linsey, Lindsay, Lyndsay, Lindley, Lindsley, Linsey, Linsy

Linderbeck, Lynderbeck, Lindrbeck

Lindesmith, Lindsmith, Lendesmith

lineberger,  Lineburger, Lionberger, Leuenberger

Linnell, Linnel, Linel, Linnle

Linsenbigler, Linsenbiger, Linsenbigner

Linthicum, Linecum, Lincecum

Lintner, Lindner, Lyntner

Liming, Leming, Lemon

Lippincott, Lipincott, Lippincotte

Lipscomb, Lipscombe, Lippscombe

Lippitt, Lippit, Lippitte

Little,  Lytle, Litle, Lightle, Liddle, Littell, Klein

Littlehale, Littlehail, Litlehale

Littler, Letellier, Littlelier

Litzinger, Litsinger, Litzingner

Lively, Livly, Livley

Llewellyn,  Lewelen, Luelen, Louellen

Lloyd,  Lloyde, Loydes, Loyd, Loyds

Lobera, Loberea, Loberia

Lockard, Lockart, Lockhart, Lockett

Locke,  Lock, Louke, Loke,

Lockwood, Lockward, Lockwoods

Lodge, Loge, Lodges

Loflin, Lofflin, Loffline

Lofthouse,  Loftous, Loftis, Loftus

Logan, Loggan, Logans

Lombard,  Lonbard, Lumbard

Lominac, Lominak, Lominck

Loney, Lonney, Lony

Long, Lang, Lange

Longacre, Longaker, Longenecker

Longberger, Lonberger, Longburger

Longley, Longly, Longlee

Longsdorf, Longstaff, Longdorf

Look, Looke, Looks

Loomis,  Lomis, Loumis, Loomiss

Looney, Loonie, Loony

Lopez, Lopes, Lopesz

Lord, Lorde, Laurd, Laurde

Losee, Losey, Loseye

Lothrop, Lathrop, Lothrope

Louck, Laux, Louks, Loux, Lount

Lounsbury, Lownsberry, Lounsberry

Love, Loven, Louve

Lovell,  Lovel, Lovells, Lovall

Lovett, Lovette, Lovet

Lovewell, Lovewill, Lovewel

Low, Lau, Louw, Lowe

Lowell, Lowell, Lowel, Louell

Lowndes,  Lowndess, Lown, Lowns, Lownes

Lowry,  Lowrey, Lowery, Lowrie, Laury, Lawrey, Lohr, Lower, Lowrie, MacLaren, McLaren

Lucas, Luces, Lucass

Luce, Eluce, Luse

Lucy,  Lucey, Lousey

Ludington,  Ludenton, Luddington

Ludlam, Ludlum, Ludlom

Lumpkin, Lompkin, Lumkins

Lundy, Lundie, Lundey

Luther, Luether, Luthier

Lutkins, Luttkins, Lutkin

Luttrell, Luttrel, Lutrel

Lutz, Loots, Lotz, Louts

Lyday, Leidy, Lyda

Lyman, Liman, Lymon

Lynch,  Lynsh, Lynche

Lynn, Linn, Lin

Lyon,  Lion, Lions, Lyons

Mabie, Mabee, Mayab, Maybee, Mebie, Meebie

Mabry, Mayberry, Mabbry

MacAdoo,  MacCadoo, McAdue, McDow, McDon, McAdoo

Mace, Mase, Machs

MacDonald,  McDonald, Madonald

MacGovern,  McGovern, Mcgovern, Magovern

MacGregor,  Magregor, McGreger, Gregor, Campbell

Machs,  Mayes, Mays, Maze, Mayse, Maise, Mase

Mack, Macke, Mac

MacCall, MacKall, Macall

Madden, Madan, Madding, Maiden

Madden, Madan, Madding, Maiden

Maddox, Maddock, Maddocke, Maddux, Mattox, Mattocke

Madere, Matere, Marerne

Magaw, McGaw, MacGaw

Magoon, Magune, Magune

Mahler,  Mailer, Matchler

Mahoney,  Mahony, Mahone

Maillet, Mallett, Maillett

Mailloux, Mayhew, Maehew, Mahew

Majors, Major, Magors

Maleham, Malam, Malem, Malgham, Malghom, Malham, Mallam, Mallem, Mallom, Mallum

Mallard, Malard, Mallerd

Mallory,  Malory, Malery, Mallery, Maulry

Malone, Mallonee, Maloan, Meloan, Melone

Maloney,  Malloney, Mauloney, Mahoney

Malpass, Malpase, Molpass

Manchester, Mancester, Mannchester

Mandeville, De Mandeville, Mandevill

Mann, Man, Manne

Manning, Manering, Mannen, Mannering, Manring

Mansfield, Mancefield, Manfield

Mantle,  Mantel, Mantal, Mantil

Mantz, Mantes, Mantze

Manuel, Manuell, Manuelle

Marble, Marbel, Marple, Marvel, Marvell

March, Martz, Marche, Marsh, Mash, Mark, Mersch

Margerum, Margirum, Margirem

Mariner, Marriner, Mariners

Marion, Merion, Marions

Markham, Marcum, Marcom

Markley,  Merkle, Markly, Markle, Merckel, Markell, Merckle, Merckell, Merkel

Marks,  Mark, Marx, Marques, Merck, Merk

Marr,  Mars, Mar, Marrs

Marraud Des Grottes, Marraud Des Grots, Marraud Des Grott

Marshall,  Marshal, Marchel, Marchell

Marriott,  Marriot, Mariot, Marriote

Marsteller, Mosteller, Mostiller

Martin, Marten, Martan, Martine

Martindale, Martaindale, Martendale

Martinez, Martenez, Martinnez

Marvin,  Mervin, Merfin, Mervyn, Marven, Mirfin, Murfin and Marvyn

Mason, Masone, Masson

Massey, Massie, Mayssy

Masten, Mastin, Mastan

Masters,  Master, Mastin, Meister

Mather, Mauther, Mathor

Matlack, Matlock, Mattlock

Matter, Mater, Matters

Matteson, Mateson, Matheson, Mathewson, Matison, Matson, Matteston, Matthewson, Mattison

Matthews, Mathes, Mathew, Mathews, Mathias, Mathis, Matthay, Matthew, Matthey, Mathieu

Matthias, Mathiass

Mauldin, Maulding, Maulden

Maurer,  Mauer, Mouerer, Mower, Mowery

Maxey, Maxy, Maxie

Maxson, Maxon, Maxsin

Maxwell, Maxwel, Maxwelle

Mayberry, Mabry, Maybery, Maybarry

Mayhew, Mayhugh, Mayhue

Maynard, Manard, Maynarde

Mayo, Maylo, Mayeau

May, Mays, Mayes, Mayse

Mazyck, Mauzuck, Mazick

McAdams, MacAdams, McAdam

McAdoo, MacAdoo, McAdow

McAllister, McAlester, McAlister, McCallister, McColloster

McAtee, McAty, McAtey

MaCachron, MacCachron, Macachron

McCane,  McCain, McKain, Mckane

McCandless, McCandlish, McCanlas, McCanlass, McCanles, McCanless, McCanlis

McCarroll, McCarrol, MacCarrol

McCarter, MacCarter, McCartter

McCarthy,  McCarty, McCurdy, McCurday, McCaurthy

McChesney, Chesney, McCherney

McClanahan,  McClenahan, McClanan

McClane, McClain, McClean, MacClean, Mclean, Mclain, Mclene

McCauley, McAuley, McCalley, McCauly

McClatchey, MacClatchey, McCatchy

McClellan,  McClelland, McClanen, McClallen

McClintock, McClintok, McClinttock

McClure, McCluer, McClurer

McCollum, McCallum, McCallan

McConaughy, McConaughey, McConnaughey

McConnell, McConnel, McConell

McCormick, McCormack, MacCormick

McCown, McConn, McKown

McCoy,  MaCay, McKay, McKoy

McCraw, McCrow, McCrauw

McCreary, Crary, Creary, McCrary, McCray, McCrery, McCrory

McCrory, McCrary, McCrorie

McCullach,  McCulloch, MaCulla, McCullough

McCurdy, McCurday, McCurddie

McCutcheon, McCucheon, McCutchen

McDaniel,  McDaniels, McDonald, Daniels, Daniel

McElroy, MacElroy, Mcelroy, Macelroy, McElroye, McAlroy

McElwaine, McElvain, McIlvaine

McEwen, McCune, McQuown

McFall, MacFall, McFail, McFaul, Mcphail

McGee, Magee, Megee

McGehee, Mcgahey, McGeehee

McGill, Magill, MacGill

McGinnis, MaGennis, Maginnis

McGraw, McGrath, McGrathe

McGuire, MacGuire, Maguire

McIntire, McEntire, McEntyre, McIntyre, McTeer

McIntosh, McInntosh, McEntoshe

McKamy, McKaimie, Mackamy

McKee, McKie, MacKay, MacCay, Mackey, Macky, McCoy, Mckay, McCay

McKenney, McKinney, McKiney, Kinney

McKim, McCim, MacKim

McKnight, McNight, MacKnight

McLaughlin, Laughlin, McGlaughlin, McGlothlen, McGlothlin

McLean, McClain, McClean, McLain, McLane, McLene

McMahon, McMachen, McMahan

McManus, McManis, McManas

McMeans, McMean, MacMeans

McMichael, MacMichael, MaMichael

McMillan,  McMillen, McMillion, McMullan, McMillian, McMullen, McMillion

McMordie, McMordy, McMordey

McMurray, McMurry, McMuray

McPherson,  McFerson, McFarson, MacPherson, MacFarson

McQuiston, McCuiston, McQuesten, McQuistion

McWhorter, McQuirter, McWhirter

Meacham, Meachem, Mecham

Mead,  Meade, Meads

Meadows, Meadow, Meadoes

Meals, Meal, Meils

Means,  Meanes, Maines, Mains, Mehn

Mearns,  Meirns, Merns

Mears,  Meares, Meers, Meirs

Mease, Miesse, Meece, Mees, Meese, Meis, Mese, Mies

Medley, Meadley, Medly

Medlock, Madlock, Matlock

Mefford, Medford, Meffert

Meech, Meach, Mech

Mehaffey, Mahaffy, Mehaffy

Mehlhorn, Melhorn, Mealhorn

Mehuren, McHuren, MacHurnen

Meinhert,  Maynard, Minerd, Minor, Miner, Minard, Minerd, Meinert

Meisenheimer, Masonhamer, Messenheimer

Melcher, Mellcher, Melchers

Mell, Melle, Mells

Mellen, Mellin, Millins

Melson, Mellson, Melsen

Melvin,  Melvine, Malvin, Mellvin

Mendall, Mandle, Mendell, Muendel

Mendenhall, Mendenhalle, Mendinhall

Mentzer, Menser, Meanser

Mercer,  Merser, Mercher, Mauser, Musser, Mosher, Mosier, Mouser, Mosser, Messer

Merckel, Markell, Markle, Merckle, Merkel, Merkle

Meredith, Meridith, Merridith

Meriwether, Meriweather, Merriweather

Merrick, Mirick, Myrick

Merriam, Meriam, Merion

Merrifield, Marrifield, Marryfield

Merrill, Merrell, Merrells

Merritt, Marriott, Marrit, Marryott, Maryot, Merit, Merrett, Meryot, Marriotte

Mertz, Martz Merz

Meserve, Meservey, Meservie

Metcalf, Metcalfe, Metcalffe

Merwin, Merwan, Merwyn

Michener,  Mitchener, Michner

Middaugh,  Middagh, Middough, Meddaugh, Middow, Middaught

Middlebrook,  Middlesbrook, Middlebrooks

Middleswart, Middelseart, Middlesworth

Middleton,  Midleton, Mittleton

Miles, Mighell, Mighells, Mighls

Milstead, Milsted, Milsteade

Mifflin, Mifflyn, Mifflen

Milburn, Milborn, Milborne

Milhollin, Milhallin, Millholin

Mill, Mills, Mille

Millard,  Millerd, Millart, Mellard

Miller, Millar, Moeller, Mueller, Muller

Milligan, Miligan, Millagan

Mills, Milles, Mill

Millwork,  Millword, Milwerk, Milwood, Milwork, Millewood

Milton, Miltin, Milten

Miner, Minier, Minninger, Minor, Minter

Minge, Ming, Meng

Mingin, Mingine, Mingan

Minshall, Menshall, Manshall

Minter, Minters, Minder

Mitchell,  Mitchel, Mittchell, Michell, Mitchcell, Mitchall

Mitchison, Mitcheson, Mitchson

Mitman, Mitham, Mitam

Mix, Micks, Mickes

Mockel, Mockall, Mockell

Mobley, Moberely, Moberley

Moeler,  Mohler, Mokler, Moeller, Moelter, Mellor, Moler, Mockler

Moffatt, Maffatt, Moffat, Moffatte, Maffett, Moffitt

Monday, Mondon, Munday, Mundon, Mundy

Mood, Moode, Muth, Muthe

Moody,  Mooney, Moony, Moomey, Moodley, Mooneyhan, O’Mooney, Moonie

Moon, Mohn, Mune

Mooney, Money, Mony, Moonie, Moony

Moore, Mohr, Moor, Moors, More, Morr, Murr

Monk, Monke, Moncke, Munk, Munke

Monroe, Monrow, Munro, Munroe

Montague, Montague, Mountague

Montgomery, Montgomary, Montgomerie

Montigny, Montegny, Montney

Moon, Moone, Mun

Moore, More, Mohr, Moor, Moors, Morr, Muhr, Murr

Moran, Morane, Morran

Morecraft, Morcraft, Moorecraft

Moreland, Moorland, Morland, Murland, Murlin

Morey, Mary, Morie

Morgan, Morgin, Moorgan

Morin, Moraine, Morand

Morningstar, Morningster, Morninstar

Morrill, Morell, Morral, Morall, Morrel, Morrall, Morrell, Murrill

Morrison, Morison, Morrisson

Morrissett, Mauricet, Morisset, Morissette, Morrisett, Morrissette, Morrisset, Morrissette

Morrow, Murrow Morroe

Morse,  Morris, Mauris, Morriss, Mors, Mosse, Moss, Marius

Morton, Mortin, Morten

Moses, Moeses, Mohses

Mosher, Moser, Mosier, Mosser, Mouser, Musser

Mosley,  Moseley, Mosly

Motzer, Motser, Motzser

Moulton, Molton, Mollton

Mount, Mountt, Mounte

Moyers, Moier, Moyer, Myer, Myers

Mulford, Mullford, Mulfard

Mulherrin, Mulherin, Mulherren

Mull, Mall, Mul

Mullins, Mullan, Mullen, Mullin

Mumford, Munfard, Momford

Mumma, Muma, Mumme

Muncas, Mooncas, Muncus

Mundle, Mundell, Mundel, Mundall

Munger, Monger, Mungner

Munn, Mun, Munne

Murchison, Merchison, Murchason

Murdock,  Murdoch, Mordock

Murphy, Murfee, Murfey, Murphey

Murray,  Murry, Murrey, Murrie, Murrow

Murrell, Murrel, Murrall

Muse, Muze, Mooze

Musgrave, Musgrove, Masgrave

Musser, Mauser, Mercer, Moser, Mosher, Mosier, Mosser, Mouser

Muthart, Muthardt, Methart

Myers,  Mires, Myhrs, Meyer, Meyers, Myars, Mayers, Meier, Mayer, Meirsm Moers, Moiers, Moyer, Moyers, Myer

Nadar,  Nahdar, Nyder, Naider, Nadir

Nagle,  Nagel, Naggel, Naill, Nail, Naugel

Nance, Nanse, Nantz

Napier, Napper, Napiers

Narramore, Naramore, Narimore

Nash,  Nass, Nashe, Nasse

Nead, Need, Neade

Neal,  Neale, Neel, Neile, Neill

Nealy,  Neely, Neeley, Neiley, Neily, Nealey, Neligh

Neau, Noe, Nowe, No

Nees, Nease, Neese, Ness

Neff, Neif, Neaf

Neigh, Niegh, Nye, Neygh

Neithawk, Neathawk, Nethawk

Nelson,  Neilson, Nealson, Neilsen, Nillson

Nester, Nestor, Nister

Neves, Nevis, Neve

Neville,  Nevil, Nevill, Nebill

Newcomb, Neucomb, Newcombe

Newhall, Newhal, Neuhall

Newland, Newlin, Newlyn

Newman,  Neuman, Newmin, Neiman, Nieman, Numan

Newsum, Neesum, Newsom

Newton, Neuton, Nuton

Nice, Neis, Nyce

Nicholas, Nicholos, Nickolas

Nicholson,  Nicholsen, Nickelson

Nichols,  Nicholls, Niccols, Nichels, Nickels, Nickles, Nicols, Nickals, Nuckolls, Nuckalls

Nickerson, Nickison, Nickersen

Nicodemus, Nichodemus, Nickdemus

Niederhaus, Nederhous, Netherhouse

Nightingale,  Nightingaile, Nightingail, Nitengale

Niles,  Niels, Nils, Nil

Nimmo, Nimo, Nemo

Nipple, Nibble, Nepple

Noel, Noell, Noelle

Nolet, Nolett, Nollett

Norbeck, Norback, Norbecke

Norman, Normen, Normans, Normand

Norris, Norres, Norras

North,  Northe, Noth

Northey, Northy, Northley, Northly

Northrope,  Northropp, Northrop, Northrup, Northur, Northup, Norther

Norton, Naughton, Noughton

Norvell, Norvil, Norwell

Nourse, Nurse, Noure

Noyes, Noise, Morse

Null, Knull, Noll, Knoll

Nunemacher, Nunamacher, Nunemucher

Nunnery, Nunery, Nonnery

Nutting, Nuting, Knutting

Nye,  Neigh, Niegh, Nie, Nay, Ney, Nigh

Oakes,  Oaks, Oates, Oakkes, Oats, Oatts

Oberly, Eberle, Eberly, Epperly, Oberle, Oberlin

Obert, Oburt, Obertt

Oberthier,  Oberdeer, Oberdier, Overdeer

Odell, Odel, O’dell, Odle

Odenwelder, Oddenwelder, Odenwilder

Odom, Odon, Odomn

Ogden, Oggden, Ogten

Ogilvie, Ogilvy, Ogilbie

Oilfield, Oilfeild, Oilfeld

Olin, Ollin, Olen

Oliver,  Olivier, Olliver

Olmstead, Olmsted, Olmsteade

Olney, Olny, Ollney

Onderdonk, Onderdonck, Underdonk

O’Neal, O’Neale, O’Neil, O’Neill

Opie, Oppie, Opey

O’Quinn, O’Quin, O’Quinne

Orange, Orangge, Orang

Orcutt,  Orcut, Orrcut

Ordway, Ordly, Ordley

Orendorph,  Orendorff, Orndorff, Ohrendorph, Orndoph

Orne, Orrne, Orn

Orr,  Ore, Or, Oar, Orre, Oher

Orth, Orthe, Oarth

Osborn,  Osborne, Osbourn, Osbourne, Osburn, Ozburn, Ozborne, Ozborn, Ausburn

O’Shields, Ocheals, Osheals

Osterhout,  Osterhouht, Osterhoudt, Oosterhoudt,

Ostrander,  Ostranter, Ostander

Ostrom, Ostroms, Ostrome

Oswald, Oswold, Osswald, Oswalt

Ottinger, Ottingner, Otinger

Otty, Otty, Othy

Outlaw, Offlaw, Outlaws

Overfield,  Overfeld, Overfelt, Overfields

Overholtzer, Overholt, Oberholtzer

Overmyer, Obermeyer, Obermier, Overmeier, Overmier

Overstreet, Overstreets, Oberstreet

Overturf, Overtauf, Overterf

Owings, Ouings, Oweings

Owens,  Owen, Owan, Owings, Owing

Oxendine, Oxendin, Ozendine

Oxford, Oxforde, Oxfford

Oyler, Eyler, Oiler

Ozwald,  Ozwalt, Oswalt, Oswald, Ozwall

Page, Paige, Pagge

Palmer, Palmore, Parmer

Park,  Parke, Parkes, Parks

Parker, Parkere, Parkers

Parkhurst, Parckhurst, Parkurst

Parmelee, Parmaley, Parmele

Parmenter,  Parmentier, Parminter, Palmateer, Palmatier

Parrish, Parish, Parrishe

Parrott, Parrett, Parrot, Perritt

Parsons, Parson, Pearson, Persons, Pierson

Partello, Partillo, Partelo

Partridge, Partrige, Partridges

Pascoe,  Pasco, Pascow

Patch, Patche, Patck

Patchen, Patchin, Patchan

Patten, Paten, Paton, Patton

Patterson,  Peterson, Petersen, Paterson, Pedersen, Pattison, Paddeson

Paul,  Paull, Paulle

Paulding, Pawling, Polden

Paulk, Pawlk, Polk

Paxson, Paxton, Paxston

Payson, Paysin, Paison

Peabody,  Pebody, Peibody

Peake, Peak, Peck, Peek

Pearson,  Peirson, Pierson, Person, Parson

Pease, Peise, Peese

Peaslee, Peasley, Pleasly

Peck,  Pecke, Pack

Peckham, Peckam, Peckim

Peiffer, Pfieffer, Pfeifer

Pelton, Pilton, Peltton

Pemberton, Pembertin, Pemberten

Pendry, Pendary, Pindry

Penn, Pen, Pinn

Penfield, Penfields, Pinfield, Penfeld

Penney, Penny, Perry, Pinney

Pennington, Penington, Penningtin

Pennock, Penick, Penix, Pennix, Peonix, Pinnix, Poenix

Pennypacker, Pannapacker, Pannebecker, Pennebacker

Percy,  Pearcy, Peircy, Piercy, Persil

Perkins, Perkin, Pearkins

Perkinson, Perkinsen, Perkinsons, Purguson

Perley, Perrley, Parley

Perrault, Perralt, Perrauldt

Perrin, Perin, Perrine

Perry,  Peary, Perey, Parry, Peiry, Peery

Persinger, Parsinger, Persingen

Person,  Persen, Parson

Pershing, Perching, Pershings

Pertwee,  Partie, Pertee, Pertwie, Party

Peters,  Peter, Petere

Pettengall,  Pettengill, Pettingall, Pettingell, Pattangall, Petengal, Pettin

Pettibone, Pettibon, Pettbon

Pettipool, Pettypool, Pettypol

Petts, Peatts, Pitts

Pettus, Pettes, Pettice, Pettis, Pettys

Peyton, Payton, Peytin

Phelps,  Phellps, Felps

Philbrick,  Phillbrick, Philbrook, Fillbrook, Filbrook, Philbook

Philipi,  Phillipi, Phillippi, Filipi, Filippi

Phifer, Fifer, Peiffer, Pfieffer, Pifer, Piper

Phillips,  Philipps, Philips, Fillips

Phipps, Phips, Fipps

Piatt, Peatt, Peayatt, Pyatt, Pyeatt, Pyeatte

Pickard, Packard, Pachard

Pickering, Pickerin, Pickin

Pidcock, Picock, Pidcok

Pierce,  Pearce, Peirce, Pearse, Perce, Peers

Pike, Peke, Pake

Piland, Pilann, Pilland

Pilgrim, Pilgram, Pilgrum

Pillsbury,  Pilsbury, Pilsberry, Pillsberry

Pilson, Pilsen, Pilsin

Pinckney,  Pinkney, Pinkeney

Pindall, Pindell, Pindal

Pinegar, Pfinegar, Pingar

Pinkston, Pinkstone, Pinckston

Pinyard,  Pinnyard, Piniard, Pinyerd, Pinnyerd

Piper, Pipper, Pfeiffer

Pirkey, Perkey, Perckley

Pitman, Pittman, Pittiman

Pitzer, Pitzar, Pitser

Plackard, Plackerd, Plackarde

Plank, Blanch, Blanck, Planck

Plant, Plante, Plantt

Platt,  Platts, Platte, Platz

Platner, Plattner, Plater

Plauche, Plache, Pawche

Plummer, Plumer, Plumber

Poindexter,  Pouindexter, Pendexter

Poissot, Poissott, Possot

Poitevint, Portevinte, Portevint

Polhemus, Pollhemus, Polhemis

Polley, Paule, Paulee, Pauley, Pauly, Polly, Powley

Pollock, Pock, Poulk, Poke

Poole, Pool, Poul

Poor, Pour, Poure, Poore

Pomeroy, Pomroy, Pumrey, Pumroy

Pond, Ponds, Ponde

Pope, Pop, Poup

Porcher, Porches, Porchs

Porter,  Pourter, Portiers, Porters

Porterfield, Porterfeild, Porterfeld

Portis, Portes, Portiss, Portais

Posey,  Possey, Possie

Post, Postt, Poste

Pote, Poth, Pothe, Potes

Potter, Poter, Potters

Potts, Pots, Pott

Poulan, Poland, Pouland

Poulson, Poulsen, Paulson

Pound, Pond, Pounde

Powell,  Powel, Powelle, Powells, Paul

Powers, Powar, Powars, Power

Poyner, Poyners, Poiter

Prall, Prahl, Praull, Praule, Praulle, Prawl, Prawle

Prather,  Prater, Praytor, Prayther, Prader, Preater, Praeter, Praetor

Pratt,  Pratte, Prate, Prat

Prentiss, Prentice, Prentise

Prescott, Prescut, Prescutt

Preston, Preson, Presson, Presston

Prettyman, Prettiman, Prittyman

Pridgen, Pridgeon, Pridgon

Price, Pryce, Prise

Prieur, Priur, Preur

Prince, Printz, Prinse

Prindle, Pringle, Pringel

Prioleau, Priolow, Prilo

Prior, Prier, Pryor

Pritchard, Prichard, Pretchard

Pritchett, Prichette, Pritchet

Probyn,  Probin, Probbin, Proben

Proctor, Procter, Proctar

Proffitt, Profit, Prophet

Proper, Prober, Propper

Prouty, Prowty, Prauty

Prudden,  Pruden, Pruddon, Prutton, Pruden, Prudon

Pruitt,  Pruit, Prewett, Pruette, Pruett, Pruite, Pruiet

Puckett, Pucket, Pickett

Puffer, Puffar, Puffers

Pugh, Pue, Pew

Pugsley, Puggsley, Puggsly

Pullen, Pullin, Pullan

Pulliam, Pullam, Pulliame

Pulver, Pulfer, Pullver

Pumphrey, Pumphry, Pumphrie

Pursell,  Pursel, Purcel, Purcell, Purcelle, Pursley

Purser, Pursar, Purcer

Purviance, Purvines, Purrvines

Putnam, Putman, Putmen

Pye,  Peigh, Piegh, Pie

Pyland, Piland, Pyeland

Pyle, Pile, Piles, Pyles

Pyon, Pion, Pyone

Quayle,  Quayl, Quail, Quaill, Quaille

Query, Queary, Querre

Quick, Quite, Quicke

Quicksall, Quicksale, Quicksill

Quiggins, Quigins, Quiggen

Quiggley,  Quigley, Quiggle, Quikely, Quickel

Quilhot, Quilhat, Quilat

Quin,  Quinn, Quine, Quinne

Quaintance, Quantance, Quantins

Quimper, Quimpere, Quimpert, Kimper

Quisenberry,  Quisenbury, Cassenbury, Cassenberry, Cussenbury