Surname Variations (R-Z)

Surnames that have changes in spelling over time:

Rachal, Rachel, Rachell

Rader, Raider, Reader, Rider, Ritter, Roeder, Ryder

Radnor,  Radner, Raddner

Rafferty, Raferty, Raffertey

Rainbolt, Rainbow, Rainboe

Rains, Raines, Rain

Rainsford,  Raynsford, Rainsfort, Rainfort

Rainy,  Raney, Rainey, Raine

Rakes, Rakker, Raiker

Ralston,  Ralstone, Rolstone, Rolston

Ranger, Rainger, Rangers

Ransdell, Randell, Ransdel

Ralston, Rolstone, Rallston

Rambo, Ramboe, Rambow

Ramey, Ramy, Raney, Reamey, Reamy, Remy, Rhame

Ramsdell, Ramedale, Ramsdill

Ramsey, Ramsay, Ramsy, Ramzey, Ramzy, Ramzay

Randall,  Randal, Randle, Randles, Randyl, Rendell

Rankin, Ranktin, Rankins

Ranney, Raney, Rainy, Rainey

Ransell,  Rensell, Rentzell

Ransom,  Ransomn, Ransome, Ranson, Ransone

Randolph, Randolf, Randold

Ratcliff, Rackliff, Radcliff, Ratcliffe, Ratliff

Ray,  Raye, Rea, Rhea, Rhey, Wray

Rawson, Rauson, Rawsone

Reagan,  Regan, Reygan, Ragan, Raygan, Raygen, Ragaine

Reaser,  Reeser, Reasor, Reazor, Razor, Riser, Rezer, Rieser

Reber, Rebar, Rever

Redding, Reading, Reeding

Reddish, Redish, Reddis

Reed,  Read, Reade, Rhead, Reid, Reith, Rhea, Rith

Reeder, Reader, Reider

Reel, Real, Riell, Ryel

Reep,  Reepe, Repp, Repe, Reeps, Reepes

Reese,  Reece, Reess, Reeze, Rees

Reeves,  Reaves, Rives, Reves, Ryves,  Reeve, Revis

Reichswick,  Reiswick, Risewick, Reiswig, Reisswig, Reiswigg

Reiff,  Refe, Riffe, Reaff

Reigart, Reichard, Reichert, Reigert, Reighard

Reinhard,  Reinhardt, Reinhart, Rinehart, Reinert, Reiner, Reynor, Rynor

Reisinger, Reissinger, Reisingers

Remick, Remich, Remicke

Remington, Reminton, Reminston

Renninger, Reninger, Renningner

Ressequie,  Resseguie, Resseque

Retallack, Retalack, Retellack

Rewalt, Rewald, Rewolt

Rex, Rexx, Reax

Rexford, Raxford, Rixford

Reynolds,  Raynolds, Rennolds, Runnells, Runnels, Rannells, Rennells, Rennels

Rhinevault, Rhinewault, Rinevault

Rhodes, Rhoads, Roads, Rhoades, Rode, Roth, Rodes

Rice, Risse, Ryce, Rece, Rist, Royce, Roys

Rich, Ritch, Reach

Richards, Reichard, Reichart, Reichert, Richar, Richard, Richerds, Ritchart

Richardson, Richerson, Richeson

Richmond, Richman, Ritchman

Ricks, Rix, Rixs

Riddick, Redark, Reddick

Rider, Ryder, Ryther

Ridenour, Rietenower, Ridenower

Ridge, Rige, Riddge

Ridley, Ridly, Riddley

Riegel, Raigle, Raigel

Riegelman, Reigelman, Rieglman

Riffel, Riffle, Riffal

Riffey, Riffy, Rifey

Rigg, Riggs, Rigge, Rixs

Riggins,  Riggan, Riggen, Riggens, Riggans

Riley, O’Reily, Raley, Reilay, Ryley

Rimmer, Rimner, Rymmer

Rineman, Rinneman, Ryneman

Ringo, Ringoe, Ringow

Riser, Reaser, Reasor, Rezer, Rieser

Ritchey,  Ritchy, Ritchie, Richey, Richy, Richie

Ritter,  Riter, Rietter

Riterson, Richardson, Richardsen

Roach, Roache, Roachs, Roaches

Robb, Rabb, Raub

Robbinette,  Robenette, Robbinet, Robinet, Robinett

Robbins,  Robins, Robans

Robe, Rode, Rhode

Roberts, Robarts, Robbarts, Robards

Robertson,  Robinson, Robison, Robson, Robeson, Roberson, Roberts, Robason, Robbinson, Roboson, Robosson

Robinson, Robbinson, Robertson, Robison, Roboson, Robosson, Robason, Roberson, Robeson

Rockwell, Rothwell, Rockewell

Rodriguez, Rodreguez, Rodrigez

Rodgers, Rogers, Roggers

Rogerson, Rodgerson, Rodgeson

Roll, Rall, Rolle

Rollins,  Rollings, Rolings, Rawlings, Rawlins, Rowling

Romich, Romig, Rummage

Roney, Ronney, Ronie, Ronny

Rooney, Roney, Runney, Runey, Runy, Roony

Roosa, Rosa, Rosah

Root,  Roots, Rootes

Rorebaugh, Roarbach, Rodabaugh, Rohrbaugh, Rorapaugh

Rorie, Rory, Rorey

Ross,  Rosse, Rose, Rouse, Roos

Rouge, Roge, Rougge

Rouillard, Rouilard, Rouillarde

Roundtree,  Rountree, Rowntree

Rourke,  Rourk, Roark

Rousculp,  Roseculp, Rosculp

Rouse,  Roues, Rouses

Roush,  Rousk, Rouch

Rousmaniere,  Rousmanere, Rosmanire

Rousseau, Rousso, Rosso

Rousselle, Roussele, Roussell

Routon,  Roughton, Routon, Roton

Rowe,  Row, Roe, Rough, Rowwe

Roy, Roye, Roys

Royball, Roybal, Royboll

Roden, Rawden, Rawdon, Rodwon, Rowton, Royden, Roydon

Royer, Reyer, Royar

Rowell, Rowel, Roell

Rowlley,  Rowley, Rolley, Roley, Rolly, Roly

Royston, Roiston, Royeston

Rozier, Rosier, Rauzier

Ruble, Reubles, Rubel

Rucker, Racker, Rocker

Rudie, Rudy, Rudey

Rudisill, Rudesilla, Rudicilly

Ruffin, Ruffine, Ruffen

Ruggles, Rauggles, Rugles

Rule, Ruhl, Ruyle

Rundle, Rundall, Rundell

Rundlett, Rundlet, Runlett

Rupert, Ruppert, Rubert, Rubbert, Ruberd

Rupp, Roop, Roup

Rusco, Russco, Rausco

Rush, Rosch, Raush

Russell, Russel, Rosell, Rosel, Rousselle

Rutherford, Rutheford, Rutherfort

Rutter, Ruter, Ruther

Ryals, Rial, Riale, Royal, Ryall

Ryan, Rine, Ryon

Ryckman, Rickman, Rickmon

Ryker, Riker, Rycker

Ryland, Reland, Rieland, Riley, Ryeland, Rylands

Sabine,  Sabines, Sabin, Sabens, Saben

Sadler,  Saddler, Sandler, Sadlier

Sailor, Sahler, Sailer, Sayler, Saylor, Seyler

Saint John, St. John, Sainte John

Sale, Salle, Salles

Salisbury, Sallsbury, Salsberry, Sansberry, Sandsbury

Salley,  Sally, Sallee, Sallie, Sallye

Saltmarsh, Saltmarch, Saltmarked

Sams, Sam, Samms

Sampson,  Samson, Samsen

Sanborn, Anburn, Sandborn

Sanchez, Saunchez, Sandchez

Sanders, Landers, Saunders

Sanderson,  Sandersen, Saunderson

Sandoval, Sandivil, Sandovel

Sanford, Sanderford, Sandford, Saniford, Santford

Sansum, Sansom, Sansume

Sargent, Sargeant, Seargent, Sergent

Satterthwaite, Satterthwait, Saterthwaite, Satterwhite

Savage, Savege, Savige

Sawyer,  Sawyers, Sauyer, Sauyers

Saylor, Sailor, Saylors, Sailors, Saylers, Sailer, Salor, Saler

Scarborough, Scarbrough, Scarburgh

Scheid, Schied, Scied

Schell, Schel, Shell

Schenck,  Schenk, Schanck, Shcank, Scank

Schlayer,  Schleier, Slyier, Slyer, Sloyer

Schleppi, Schleppy, Schleappy

Schneider,  Snyder, Snider, Shnider, Scheeder, Snader, Schnader, Schneder

Schneidman, Shneidman, Sneidman

Scholl, Shull, Schole

Schooler, Schuler, Schoolar, Schools

Schoonover, Crumb, Schoonober

Schott, Shott, Shutt

Schreckengost, Schrecegost, Schrekegoste

Schropp, Schrob, Schrope, Shroup

Schuck, Schauck, Schucks

Schultz,  Schulz, Schulze,  Schults, Shultz, Shults

Schwartzwaller, Schwartzwaler, Schwartswaller

Schweitzer, Switzer, Switser

Schwenck, Schwenk. Schwencks

Scobey, Scoby, Scobie, Scovy

Scott, Scotte, Scotts

Scovell, Scovil, Scoville

Scribner, Scriber, Scripner

Scrivener, Scrivenar, Scrivanar

Scudder, Schudder, Schuder

Seabourn, Seaborn, Seaburn

Searing, Zearing, Zerring, Zehring

Searle,  Searl, Searles, Cyrile, Cyrle, Cearl

Sears, Searz, Seares

Seebold, Silbaugh, Selbough

Seeger, Sagare, Sager, Segar, Segor

Seeley, Sealy, Seely, Seelye

Sebastian, Bastian, Sabastian

Sebree, Sebre, Seebre, Seabre

Sedgwick, Sedwick, Sedgwicke

Sedore, Sedor, Sedorre

Seidel, Siedle, Sidle

Seifert,  Siefert, Safrit, Sifrid, Sifford, Seaford, Seford, Sifritt, Syfred

Seitz, Sides, Sites, Sytz, Sights, Sites

Self, Selfs, Selph

Sell, Sel, Sells

Sellers, Cellar, Seiler, Sellar, Sellars

Selsor,  Selzor, Sellsore, Seltzer, Selzer, Selser

Seney, Senie, Seany

Senft, Senfte, Senpht

Senter, Center, Sinter

Sessions, Sesson, Session

Severance, Sufferance, Suffrance

Seward, Seaward, Sewards

Sewell,  Seawell, Sowell, Sewel, Showell

Seybert, Seibert, Sibert, Siver, Sybert

Shade, Schade, Shades, Shate

Shaffer,  Shafer, Schaefer, Schaeffer, Schafer, Schaffer, Shaeffer, Shaver, Shawver

Shaffner,  Shaffnir, Shafnir, Schaefer, Schaeffer, Schafer, Schaffer, Shaeffer,Shaver, Shawver

Shane, Shaine, Shain

Sharp,  Sharpp, Sharpe

Shatswell, Shattswell, Shatwell

Shattuck, Shaddack, Shaddock

Shaulus, Shallis, Shaullis, Shollas, Shules

Shaver, Shavor, Shavere

Shallcross, Shallcros, Shalcross

Shalle, Schally, Shally

Sharp, Sharpe, Sharpp

Shaver, Schaver, Shavor

Shaw, Shaws, Shawe

Shearer,  Sherer, Scherer, Sherred, Shurer

Shedaker, Shedacker, Shedakker

Sheldon, Shelden, Shelldon, Shelton

Sheetenhelm,  Shittenhelm, Shitenhelm, Schit

Sheffield, Sheffeld, Sheffeild

Shellenberger, Sollenberger, Solleberger, Shallenberger

Shell, Shill, Sheall, Cheall

Shelley, Shelly, Shely, Shellie

Sheppard, Shepard, Shephard, Shepherd, Shiphard

Sheppardson, Sheperdson, Sheperdsson, Sheppardson

Sheraton, Sheradon, Sheriton, Shereton, Sherdon

Sherman, Sherwin, Scheurman, Schirman, Schurman, Sharman, Shearman, Shermer, Shireman

Sherrod, Sherard, Sherrad

Shimer, Sheimer, Shemer

Shields,  Shield, Shielde

Shinn, Shin, Shine

Shindelbower, Shidelboer, Shindelbauer

Shipe, Scheib, Shiep, Shipes

Shippley,  Shipey, Shippee

Shirk, Scharch, Scherch, Scherich, Schorck, Shouck

Shirts, Schertz, Shirtz, Shurtz

Shittenhelm, Sheetenhelm, Shitenhelm, Schit

Shive, Scheib, Shipe

Shockley, Shockly, Shockleys

Shoemaker,  Shumaker,  Schmacher, Schumacher, Shewmaker

Sholes, Scholes, Shoales

Shook, Schuck, Schook

Shorb, Schrob, Schrop

Short,  Shorte, Shortt

Shoup, Schaub, Shoop, Shope, Shoupe, Shupe, Shupp

Showalter, Showater, Snowalter

Shrader, Schrader, Shradar, Schreeder, Sheder

Shropeshire, Shropesher, Sropesher, Shropsher, Sropser

Shrum, Schramm, Srum

Shuffler, Shufler, Shuflar

Shurtleff,  Shurtiff, Shurtlif, Shurlif

Sibley, Sibbley, Sibly

Sickler, Sickels, Sickle

Siegenthaler, Siegentaller, Sienthaler

Siegfried, Sigfried, Siegfried

Sievely, Sivley, Sivly

Sigman, Sigeman, Siegman

Silliman, Sillyman, Sillimen

Simms, Semmes, Sims, Symmes

Simmons, Sammons, Seamans, Simmonds, Simonds, Simons, Symonds

Simpson, Sympson, Simson

Sinclair, Cinclair, Clair, Clare, Sinclear, Sinkler

Singer, Saenger, Sanger

Singleton, Singleten, Singelton

Sinquet, Sinket, Sincket

Sisson, Sysson, Sissan

Skeels, Skeeles, Skeals

Skillman, Skilman, Skiliman

Skinner,  Skiner, Skinnier, Skinners

Slack, Slak, Slacke

Slade, Slad, Slades

Slaybach,  Slaybaugh, Slayback, Slabach, Slebach

Slusser, Schlosser, Slosser, Slusher

Slyer, Schlayer, Scheier, Sloyer

Sleeper, Slieper, Sleaper

Slemmer, Schlemmer, Slimmer

Slingerland, Singerland, Slingerlan

Small,  Smalley, Smeal, Schmell, Shmell

Smart, Smartt, Smarte

Smiley, Smylie, Smilie

Smith,  Smyth, Smythe, Schmidt

Smithwick, Smithwitch, Smithwit

Smoot, Schmutz, Smootz, Smutz

Snapp, Snapp, Snabb

Snead, Sneed, Sneid

Snodgrass, Snoddgrass, Snodgrasses

Snow, Frost, Schnee

Snowdon, Snowden, Snowdin, Snodon, Snotin

Snuggs, Snugs, Snug

Snyder, Schneder, Schneider, Schyder, Sneider, Snider, Shneider

Soule, Sol, Sole, Soul

Southern, Sothoron, Southarn

Southard, Southerd, Southward, Southworth, Suthard

Southgate, Southgage, Southgaite

Sowers, Sower, Sauers, Sauer, Sours, Sour

Spangler,  Spengler, Sprangller

Spalding,  Spaulding, Spaldings

Spare, Speare, Speere

Sparks, Spark, Sparcks

Speakman, Spackman, Speckman

Spealman, Speilman, Speelman

Speare, Spear, Spears, Speer, Speers, Spier, Speir

Specht, Speck, Spect

Speed, Speeds, Speede

Spelman, Spellman, Spillman, Spilman

Spencer, Spenser, Speancer, Spence

Spenard, Spenart, Speanard

Spickard,  Spickert, Spickart, Spikart

Spittlehouse, Spittlehaus, Spitlehouse, Spittlehose, Spittlehowse

Spohn, Spoon, Spoone

Spooner, Spuner, Spunner

Springer,  Spranger, Sprangler, Sprinnger, Sprinner

Spruce, Spruse, Sprosh

Spruill, Spruil, Spuil

Squire,  Squires, Squiers, Squier

Staderman, Strotherman, Strowderman

Stahler, Staler, Stahlers

Stalcup, Stalcap, Stalcape

Stallard, Stalard, Stallards

Stallings,  Stalings, Stalling, Stailing, Stallion, Stallions

Stallworth, Stallwort, Stallwith

Staley, Steheley, Stehley

Stambach, Stambaugh, Stombaugh, Stumbo

Standoff, Standoffe, Standofe

Stanley,  Stanly, Standlely, Standly, Stanely

Stanton, Stantin, Stontan

Stapler, Stappler, Staplers

Staples,  Staple, Stapples

Stapleton, Stapleten, Stapletin

Stapp,  Stappe, Sttape, Stape, Sapp, Sap, Stepp, Stap

Strasser, Streaser, Straser

Starkey, Starky, Starkeye

Steal,  Steel, Steall, Stihl, Steele, Steale, Steel, Steile, Stiehl

Steaderman,  Staderman, Strotherman, Strowderman

Stearns, Starnes, Starns, Stern, Sterns

Steed, Stead, Steede

Stein, Stien, Stine

Sterling, Starling, Stirling

Stern,  Sterns, Stearns, Starn, Starnes

Stevens,  Steffens, Stephens, Steffy, Steffen

Stewart,  Stuart, Steuart, Steward

Stickney, Stickey, Strickney

Stillman, Stealman, Stillmans

Stillwagon, Stilwagon, Stillwaggon

Stiegel,  Steagall, Stegal, Stegall, Stigal

Stifuler, Stiffiller, Stiffuler, Stifler, Stiphiler

Stiles, Stile, Styles

Stillings, Stilling, Stilings

Stinchfield, Stinhfield, Stinckfield, Stimpson, Stimson

Stives, Styves, Stive

Stockey, Stockly, Stokely

Stockwell, Stockwel, Stockwill

Stoddard, Stodder, Stoddert, Stodert

Stokes, Stoakes, Stockes

Stockslager, Stockleger, Stocksleger

Stockwell, Stockwill, Stockwel

Stoffel, Stoefell, Stoffell, Stoffels, Stoffle, Stofle, Stophel, Stouffel

Stoker, Stocker, Stokker

Stone, Stein, Steine

Stonebridge,  Stonbridge, Stonebrige

Stoner, Steiner, Stiener

Stonestreet, Stonestreat, Stonetreet

Stoodley, Stoodly, Stoodeley

Story, Storey, Storry

Stout,  Stoud, Stoudt, Staudt

Stover, Stauffer, Stober, Stoever, Stofer

Stow,  Stowe, Stough, Steau

Stoodley,  Stoodly, Studley, Study

Strack, Strauck, Struck

Strader, Straud, Strater

Stradling, Straddling, Strading

Strasser, Streaser, Straser

Stratton, Strattan, Strattin

Straub, Stroup, Straup

Straw, Stroh, Strow

Strayer,  Staier, Straer, Stroeher

Street,  Streat, Streett, Stret

Stribling, Striplin, Striblin

Strickland, Stricklen, Stricklin

Stringfellow, Stringfelder, Stringfelter

Strong, Stronge, Straung

Stroud, Stroude, Straud

Strout, Stout, Staud

Strowbridge, Strobridge, Strawbridge

Stucky, Stooky, Stuckey

Stull, Stoll, Stolle

Sturgis,  Sturges, Sturge

Strubhar, Strubher, Stubhar

Strunk, Strank, Straunk

Sturgis, Sturge, Sturges

Sturtevant, Sturdevant, Sturdivant, Sturtivent

Sublett, Subblett, Sublet

Suggs, Sugg, Sugges, Sug, Sugge

Sullivan, Sulivan, Sulivant, Sullivant,Sylivan

Summers, Summer, Sommers, Sommer, Somers

Sumner, Sumners, Summer

Sumpter, Sumter, Sumbter

Supinger, Seepinges, Subinger

Sutherland,  Sunderland, Southerland, Sutherland

Sutton, Sitton, Suttan

Supthen, Sutfin, Sutphin

Swaim, Swim, Swam

Swan,  Swaun, Swam, Swaum, Suam, Suan, Swane

Sweeney, Swaney, Sweeny, Swinney, Swinny

Sweeten,  Sweetin, Sweeden, Sweedin, Sweden

Swett, Sweat, Sweatt

Swicegood, Swisgood, Swicegoode

Swift, Swiftt, Sweift

Swindle, Swindell, Swindal

Swinehart,  Swinhart, Swynhart, Sweinhart, Swihart

Swope, Schwoob, Swoope

Swynford, Swinford, Swynfort, Swinfort

Sykes,  Sycks, Sikes, Sicks, Sykis, Six

Syester, Cyster, Syster, Zeister

Sylvester, Silvester, Sylvestar

Syster,  Syester, Cyster, Zeister

Tabb, Tab, Tabbe

Taft, Tafft, Tauft

Tallbot, Talbert, Talberd, Talbott, Talbut, Tolbot, Talbird, Talbot

Talley, Tallie, Taley

Tallman,  Talman, Taleman, Taulman

Tandy, Tanday, Tandie

Tanner, Thanner, Tannar

Tapp, Tap, Tappe

Tarkington, Tarkenton, Tarkinton

Tarrant, Tarrent, Terrant

Tatten, Tattoon, Tattin

Tattersall, Tatersall, Tatersoll, Tatersol, Tatersal

Tatum, Tatem, Tatom

Taylor,  Tailor, Tayler

Teague, Teagues, Teages

Teal,  Teall, Teel, Thiel, Theil

Teed, Tead, Teade

Tefft, Tifft, Teft

Temple,  Temples, Timple

Templeton, Timpleton, Templetin

Tener,  Tenner, Teaner

Terhune, Terhone, Terrhone

Terwilliger, Titwillger, Titwyller

Teter, Tetter, Tetters

Tetrick, Tetrick, Tetrik

Thach, Thauch, Thache

Thacker, Thracher, Thracker

Thayer, Thayr, Thayre

Thoman, Doman, Dome, Dommy, Domy, Dume

Thomas, Tomas, Thoms

Thompson,  Thomason, Thomson, Tomeson, Thompsen, Thomasson, Tomson, Thamason

Thornburgh, Thornberry, Thornbrough, Thornburg, Thornbury, Thornsburg

Thorne,  Thourne, Thorn

Thornton, Thornten, Thorntin

Thorp, Tharp, Thorpe, Tharpe

Thrall, Thralls, Thrawl, Thrawll, Thrawls

Throckmorton, Throckmerton, Throckmortton

Thurber, Thurbber, Thaurber

Thurmond, Thirman, Thurman, Thurmand, Thurmon, Thurmont

Thurston, Thorston, Thurstone

Tibbens, Tibbins, Tippins

Tiffany, Tiffeny, Tiffiny

Tillbury, Tilbury, Tillberry

Tilley, Tiley, Tylee

Tillman, Tilman, Tighlmann, Htilman, Tilghman

Tilden, Tidin, Tillden

Tilson, Tillson, Tillsen

Timett, Timet, Timette

Timmerman, Zimmermann, Zimmerman, Carpenter

Timmons, Timons, Timmans

Tisinger, Tensinger, Tisingner

Tittle, Ticthle, Tittel

Tobey,  Toby, Tobie

Todd, Tod, Tadd, Todde, Tad

Toese,  Taes, Toews, Tayes, Taze, Taize, Tase

Tolles, Toles, Tols

Tomer, Thomer, Tomar

Tomlin, Tomlen, Tomlan, Tomlyn

Tompkins, Thompkins, Tomkins

Toney, Tonie, Tonney

Tonkin, Tonken, Tonkins

Toogood, Togood, Toogoode

Toothaker, Toothacker, Toothicker

Topliff, Toplife, Toplaff

Torrey, Torry, Tory

Torrence, Torrance, Torrense

Towle, Towles, Toll, Tull

Towne,  Town, Towns, Townes

Townsend, Townsand, Townson

Tracy,  Tracey, Trasy, Trasey

Traill, Trail, Traile

Train, Trane, Trains

Trammel, Trammell, Trammall

Trask, Traske, Trasck

Travis, Traviss, Travise, Travice

Traynor, Trayner, Trainor, Trainer

Treadwell, Tredwell, Threadwell

Trevett, Trevitt, Trevet

Trevillian, Trevilllin, Travillan

Tribble,  Trible, Tripple

Trigg, Triggs, Trigges

Trindle, Trendle, Trandle, Taundle

Trimble, Trumble, Remble, Trumbel

Tritt, Dritt, Tritte

Trolinger, Trollinger, Throlinger

Trott, Trout, Trotte, Troutt, Troute, Troudt, Traut

Troup, Troupp, Throupe

Troutman, Trautman, Trouteman

Trowell,  Trowel, Trawell

Truax, Truex, Trukes

Truby, Trubby, Trubie, Truvy, Truvie

Trump, VanTrump, Trumps

True,  Trew, Trewe

Truitt,  Truit, Tuit, Tut

Trumbull, Trumble,Trumball

Tullis, Tellis, Tillis, Tillus, Tulloss

Turcot, Turcott, Turcots

Tuthill, Tuttle, Tutehill

Tucker, Tuker, Tuaker, Tuccer

Turley, Turlie, Turly

Turner,  Tourner, Tourneur

Tuttle, Tuttel, Tuttal

Twitchell, Twitchel, Twittchel

Tyler, Theiler, Theiller, Tylor

Underwood, Underwell, Wedgbare

Unruh, Unru, Unrue

Updyke, Updike, Op Den Dyke

Upson, Upsen, Upsin

Urian, Hurian, Hurion, Urin

Urquhart, Urcquhart, Urquharte

Usher, Ushere, Ussher

Vail, Vaill, Ails

Van Alen, Van Allen, Van Allan

VanBuren,  Buren, Buran, Beuren, Van Buran

Van Buskirk, Boskerick, Van Buskirkt

VanCleve, Cleaf, Cleave, Cleft, VanClief

Van Der Poel, Van Der Pool, Vanderpool

Vanderslice,  VanDerSluiss, VanDerSloss

Van Der Veer,  Vandiver, Vandyver, Vandivier

Van Dyke, Dyke, Dyck, Van Dyck

Van Gordon, Van Gorden, Van Gordan, VanGorder

VanHook, VanHooke, VanHooks

VanHorn, Vanhorn, VanHorne, Horne

VanLew, Vanloo, Vanlou

VanLoon, VanLoone, Vanloon

VanRiper, VanRipen, VanRippen

VanSchick, Schaack, Schoick, Scyoc, Skayhalk, Skiehawk

VanSickle, Sickelen, Sickle, Van Sicklin, VanSlyke, VanSlick, Slyck, Slyoke

VanVoorhees,  VanVoorhees, Voorhees, Voorhies, Vorhis, Vories, Voris, Vorys

VanVleet, Fleet, Flit, Vilet

VanVorst, VanBorst, VanHorst

VanVranken, VanVrken, Van Vrancken

VanWagenen,  VanWagonen, VanWagenin

VanZant,  VanZandt, VanSant

Vaughan, Vaughn, Van

Vaught, Vought, Vaght

Veale, Veal, Veile

Veasey,  Vesey, Vessy, Veazey, Veazy, Veazie, Veaze

Veech, Veach, Veatch, Veitch

Velarde, Valarde, Velard

Venicomb, Venicombe, Venicomp

Ver Valen, Van Valin, Ver Valin

Vest, Veste, Veast

Vestal, Vestle, Vestel

Viele, Vears, Vellie, Velie

Vinson, Vintson, Vincent

Vint, Vent, Vient

Vought, Vaught, Voigt, Vogt, Vote

Wade,  Waid, Wayd, Wayde

Wadsworth, Wadesworth, Waudsworth

Wagar, Wager, Wagger

Wagg, Wagge, Wag

Wagle,  Weigle, Wegle, Wegley

Wagner, Waggner, Wagnar, Wagnor, Waggerner, Waggoner Wagoner

Wainwright,  Waynewright, Wainright, Waynewrite

Wakefield, Wakfield, Weakfield

Wakeman, Wakemann, Wakemen

Walcott, Wallcott, Walcot

Walden, Waldon, Waldan

Waldo, Waldow, Walldow

Waldrop, Waldrope, Waldroup, Wardrop

Wales, Wailes, Whales

Walker, Wallker, Walkker

Wall, Worl, Wahl

Wallace,  Wallis, Walice, Walles

Walldron, Walldrone, Walldown

Walmsley, Wamsley, Wallmsley

Walrath, Walradt, Walrathe

Walters, Walter, Welter

Walton, Waltone, Waldon

Warburton, Warberten, Warburtan, Wareberton

Ward,  Warde, Word

Wardwell, Warddell, Wardell

Ware,  Weare, Wear, Weir, Wier, Wire, Weyer

Waring, Wairing, Warring

Warner,  Werner, Warener

Warren,  Warron, Waron, Warrone, Warrin, Waring

Warrick, Wiyiarch, Wyrick

Washington, Washinton, Washindon, Wexington

Waterbury, Waterberry, Watterbury

Waters,  Watters, Wathers

Waterman, Watermen, Watermon

Wathen, Wathin, Wathan

Watkins,  Wattkins, Wadkins

Watson, Wattson, Whatson, Watsson

Watts,  Watt, Waht

Waumsley, Wamsley, Walmsley, Walmsly

Way,  Whay, Woy

Wayles, Whales, Wales, Whalles

Wayne, Waine, Wayn, Wain

Weatherall, Weatheral, Weatheralle

Weatherford, Weatherferd, Wetherford

Weatherhead, Withered, Weathrred

Weatherman, Weathermen, Wetherman

Weatherwax, Witherwax, Wetherwax

Weaver, Weber, Webber

Webb, Web, Webbe, Webbs

Webster, Webbster, Webber, Webstor

Weckerly, Weckerley, Wreckerley

Wedding, Weddin, Witting, Whitting

Wedge, Weage, Weadge

Weed, Weid, Wead

Weedman, Weidman, Wideman, Wightman, Wydman

Weese, Weise, Wease, Weece

Wegmiller, Weggmiller, Wegmiler

Weidel, Weidle, Wiedel

Weibel, Weible, Weibele

Welch,  Welsh, Walsh, Walch

Wellborn, Wilborn, Wilborne, Wilbourn, Wilbourne, Wilburn, Willburn

Weller, Waller, Weler, Willer

Wells, Wales, Welles, Will, Wills, Walls

Welton, Wilton, Wellton, Willton

Wendell,  Wendel, Wendle

Wertz, Wert, Wirt, Wirtz, Wurts

Westerfield, Westefield, Westfield

Westfall, Wastfall, Vastfall, Westfal

Westland, Wesland, Westlin, Westlan

Westley, Wesley, Westly

Wentling, Wentlings, Weanting

Wentworth, Wentwith, Wentworthe

West, Weast, Weste

Westcott, Wescoat, Wescott, Westcot

Wetzel, Weitzel, Wentzel, Wetsail, Whersall, Whezel, Whitesell, Witsel, Witsell, Witsyl

Whaley, Whaly, Whally, Whalling, Whaling

Whallon, Whalen, Whalon

Whartenby, Wharttenby, Whartinby

Wharton, Whartin, Whartan, Warton

Wheeler,  Wheler, Wheelor, Wheelier, Weeler

Whipple, Whippel, Whiple

Whisenant, Whisenhunt, Whisenand

Whitaker, Whitacar, Whitacre, Whiteacre, Whitecar, Whitekar, Whiteker, Whittaker

Whitcomb, Whitcom, Whitcomp

White, Whyte, Wyte, Wite, Wight, Wright

Whitehurst, Whitehorst, Whitehouse, Whitehorn

Whiting, Witing, Whitin

Whitley, Whatley, Wheatleigh, Wheatley, Wheatly, Whiteley, Whitly

Whitlock, Whitlook, Whitlok

Whitlow,  Whittlaw, Whitlowe,

Whitmore,  Widmere, Wetmore, Witmire, Widmer, Weidmer, Wedmore, Whetmore, Witmer, Whitman

Whitney, Whitnie, Whitnee

Whittington, Whitington, Wittington

Whittle, Whittel, Whittal

Whitworth, Witworth, Whittworth

Wideman,  Wydeman, Wydman, Wiedman, Weedeman, Wightman

Wicker, Wacker, Wicher

Wiggins,  Whiggins, Wiggons, Wiggans, Wigins

Wightman, Weightman, Whiteman, Whitman

Wikoff, Wyckoff, Wycough

Wilbur, Wilber, Wilbor, Wilbour

Wilcox, Wilcocks, Wicoxen, Willcox

Wilder, Willder, Willdere, Wilds, Wildes

Wilfong, Willfong, Wilfoung

Wilkins, Wilkin, Wilkkins

Wilkerson, Wilkeson, Wilkinson, Wilkison

Will, Wills, Wil

Willey, Willy, Wylley

Willett, Willets, Willits, Willots

Williford, Willeford, Willifort

Wills, Wales, Wells Will, Willis, Wyllis, Wyllys

Williams, William, Williamn

Williamson, Williamsson, Willamson

Willoughby, Willoby, Wiloby, Willouby, Wilobe

Wilson, Willson, Wilison

Winchell, Winchel, Whinchill

Winder, Windes, Winde

Windrow, Windroe, Wyndrow

Winegar, Wenegar, Wingar, Winnegar

Winfree, Winfrey, Windfrey

Wingate, Winget, Windgate

Winn, Winne, Winner, Wyne, Wynn, Wynns, Wynne

Winslow, Winslows Winslaw

Winsor, Windsor, Wyndsor

Wise, Weiss, Wize

Witham, Withum, Withume

Witherspoon, Witherspoone, Withersoon, Witherson

Wilcox, Wilcocks, Willcox, Wilcoxen

Wilds, Wildes, Wylds

Wilhoit, Welhite, Wilhite, Wilhoite

Wilkins, Wilkin, Willkin

Wilkinson, Wilkenson, Wilkerson

Willett,  Willet, Willets, Willits, Willlots, Willot

Williams, Williams, Williamn

Willoughby, Willowby, Willoeby, Willoby, Willoughbee, Willersby, Wolowbay, Walloughby, Walowby

Wilson,  Willson, Wilison

Windfield,  Winfield, Wingfield, Windfeld, Winfeld, Windfelt, Winfelt

Windsor,  Winsor, Windser, Winser, Windzor, Windzer

Winemiller,  Winemuller, Weinmuller

Wingate,  Winget, Wingett

Winters,  Winter, Wintter, Winders

Winthrop, Winthorp, Winthrope, Winthrip

Wise,  Weiss, Wiess


Withers, Weathers, Weithers

Witt,  Dewitt, DeWhitt, Whitt

Woelpper, Woelper, Woellper

Wohlpart, Wohlford, Wolfard, Wolfarth, Wolford

Wolfe, Wolf, Wolff

Womack,  Womock, Wamack, Wammack, Wammock, Warmack

Wood,  Woode, Woods, Woody

Woodall,  Woodhall, Woodhull

Woodcock,  Woodcocks, Woodcox

Woodhull, Woodall, Woodhall

Woodruff,  Woodroof, Woodruffe, Nowoodroof

Woodson, Woodsonn, Woodison, Woodeson

Woodward,  Woodard, Woodart

Woolam, Ulam, Ulm, Woolum

Woolaver, Wallaber, Wohleber, Woleber, Wolever, Wolleber, Wooleben, Woolever, Wooliver

Woolfork, Woolfor, Woolford

Wooley, Owley, Owsley, Woolley, Woolly, Wooly

Wooster, Woostar, Woosted

Work, Works, Wark

Workman, Workmen, Wordman

Worley, Werley, Werline

Worrell,  Worrel, Worel, Warrell, Warrel

Worsham,  Worshamn, Warsham

Worsley,  Worrsley, Worsly

Worster,  Worstier, Worstter

Worth,  Worthe, Wirth

Wortham,  Worthan, Worthin, Worthon

Worthington,  Worthenton, Worthinton

Wren, Wrenn, Wrynn

Wright,  Wrightt, Wrighte, Right, Wight

Wroth,  Wrothe, Roth, Rothe

Wuchter, Woughter, Woyghters

Wunderlich, Wonderligh, Wonderleigh

Wyatt, Wiatt, Wyatte

Wyborn,  Wybourn, Wyborns, Wyboren

Wyche, Wycke, Whyche

Wyckoff,  Wycoff, Wycough, Wykoff, Wikoff, Wycliff, Wychalf, Wychoff

Wyeth,  Wyeith, Wyth

Wylie,  Wiley, Wyle, Willey, Wile, Wilie

Wyman, Wymen, Wyan

Wymer, Weimer, Wemer, Wimer, Winer, Wyner

Yates, Yeates, Yeats

Yearian, Gerichon, Jerion

Yeager, Jaeger, Jager, Yager

Yerger, Yeargner, Yergger

Yerry, Yeary, Yerrie

Yokey, Jockey, Jokey, Yockey

York,  Yorkk, Yorke

Young,  Youngs, Jung

Yowell, Yowel, Youel

Yount, Yont, Yund, Yundt, Yunt

Zachary,  Zackary, Zackery

Zell,  Zelle, Sell, Selle, Zeighl, Zeihl, Zel

Zigler,  Zeigler, Ziegler, Ziglar, Zigeler, Sigler, Siggler, Seigler

Zirkle, Circle, Cyrcle

Zoller, Zollar, Zollers, Zallars

Zoys,  Zoies, Zoez, Zoes

Zuber,  Zubers, Zobley, Zobel, Suber