Charts and Forms

There are all kinds of genealogy charts and forms available. You will find charts and forms in books and magazines, and in genealogy stores or genealogy sections of stores. Almost all of these have copyrights, which means that you can’t make copies of them.

As you get further into genealogy, you will find that you will need many of these forms. It can get very expensive to pay for these forms that have copyrights. If you plan to keep your genealogy on paper, I suggest that you get your copies on line. There are many sites with free forms online. This is the most secure way to keep your information.

You may want to put you information on disks or on your computer. If you do this, please be sure to back it up your research. It would be terrible to do so much work only to have it disappear.

I would suggest using the online genealogy forms and charts that are free. From there you can choose the ones that suit you best.

When choosing a generations or pedigree chart, look for one with at least four generations. Five would be better. Six generations just crowds your information too much. You will need enough room to add little bits of information for some people.

The other forms that you will need is a family group sheet. You will need a family group sheet for every single family in your genealogy. Also make sure that you have enough spaces for all the children on you family group sheet. Families in the past had many more children than most families today.