Church Records and How to Use Them

Church records can be very useful. The more structure the particular faith had, the more likely the church was to save records. Different churches or faiths may keep different records. The churches the have the most records are those that had a central authority to which they needed to report. Not all of the records listed will be available in all the churches. We hope this will help you in this quest to find your family. This is some of the information that you might find on this list:

Ages of family members

Bar or Bat Mitzvahs

Births – Dates and Places

Children – Names Births and Other Records

Church and Parish Records

Church Bulletins

Church Cemetery Records

Church Censuses

Church Choir Records

Church Committee Minutes

Church Directories

Church Events

Church Funeral Records

Church Groups

Church Handouts

Church Histories

Church Libraries

Church Newsletters

Church Nursery Records

Church Organizations

Church Related Societies


Conformation Records

County and Town

Deaths – Dates and Places, Reasons for Death

Education and Details

Letters of Transfer

Maiden Names

Marital Status

Marriages – Dates and Places

Membership Lists

Military service and Details

Names of Previous Spouses


Occupations and Details




Residences or Addresses

Sunday School Class Lists

Transfer Records

Vital Records