English to Danish

Many people, who sailed to the Americas, over the years from other counties, changed their names. They wanted to fit in. They didn’t want to stand out or be seen as different. Some people simply used a translation, of their surname. We will be adding to this list, as time permits. Multiple pages contain the name translations that some of these people have used. The translation tables are setup as follows:


English Danish
Bank Bred
Barber Frisor
Beach Strand
Blacksmith Grovsmed
Butcher Slagter
Carpenter Tomrer
Castle Slot
Champion Mester
Cliff Klint
Cook Lavemad
Creek Baek
Cross Kors
Deer Hjort
Drum Tromme
Duck And
Eagle Orn
Emperor Keiser
End Ende
Fair Landmand
Field Felt
Fisher Fisk
Flax Hor
Flower Blomst
Fortune Formue
Fox Raev
Friend Ven
Gale Storm
Goat Ged
Gold Guld
Green Gron
Guard Vagt
Hail Hagl
Hawk Hog
Herd Flok
Hoe Hakke
Hook Krog
Hunter Jaeger
Iron Jern
Judge Dommer
Junior Junior
Knight Ridder
Lamb Lam
Law Lov
Leather Laeder
Lion Love
Little Lidt
Lord Herr
Love Elsker
Major Storre
Mason Murer
Mayor Borgmester
Minister Minister
Moon Moon
Mountain Bjerg
North Nord
Ox Okse
Painter Maler
Parson Praest
Pasture Praes
Peace /Fred
Pebble Rullesten
Peer Ligemand
People Mennesker
Pigeon Due
Pillar Sojle
Plow Ploje
Poet Digter
Pope Pave
Printer Trykker
Queen Dronning
Rain Regn
Ransom Losepenge
Reed Siv
Regal Kongelig
Rice Ris
Rich Rig
Ridge Ryg
Road Vej
Robber Rover
Roman Romer
Sailor Somand
Saint Helgen
Sculptor Billedhugger
Seal Forsegle
Sheep Far
Shepherd Farehyrde
Ship Shib
Shoemaker Skomager
Shore Kyst
Singer Sanger
Sparrow Spurv
Spear Spyd
Steel Stal
Stone Sten
Sweep Feje
Taylor Skraedder
Teacher Laerer
Temple Tempel
Tower Tarn
Town By
Treat Behandle
Valley Dal
Victor Sejr
Vine Vin
Virgin Jomfru
Waiter Tjener
Weave Vaeve
Weaver Vaever
White Hvid
Wood Trae
Young Ung

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