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Many people, who sailed to the Americas, over the years from other counties, changed their names. They wanted to fit in. They didn’t want to stand out or be seen as different. Some people simply used a translation, of their surname. We will be adding to this list, as time permits. Multiple pages contain the name translations that some of these people have used. The translation tables are setup as follows:


English Spanish
Bank Ribera
Barber Barbero
Beach Playa
Blacksmith Herrero
Butcher Carnicero
Carpenter Carpintero
Castle Castillo
Champion Campeon
Cliff Risco
Cook Cocinero
Creek Arroyo
Cross Cruz
Deer Ciervo
Drum Tambor
Duck Pato
Eagle Aquila
Emperor Emperador
End Fin
Fair Despejado
Farmer Agricultor
Field Campo
Fisher Pescador
Flax Lino
Flower Flor
Fortune Fortuna
Fox Zorro
Friend Amigo
Gale Ventarron
Goat Cabra
Gold Oro
Green Verde
Guard Guarda
Hail Granizar
Hawk Halcon
Herd Rebano
Hoe Azada
Hook Guncho
Horn Cuerno
Hunter Cazador
Iron Hierro
Judge Juez
Junior Menor
Knight Caballero
Lamb Cordero
Law Ley
Lion Leon
Little Pequeno
Lord Senor
Love Amor
Major Mayor
Mason Albanil
Mayor Alcalde
Minister Pastor
Moon Luna
Mountain Montana
North Norte
Ox Buey
Painter Pintor
Parson Clerigo
Pasture Pastura
Peace Paz
Pebble Piedrecilla
Peer Par
People Pueblo
Pigeon Paloma
Pillar Pilar
Plow Arado
Poet Poeta
Pond Estanque
Pope Papa
Printer Impressor
Queen Reina
Rain Lluria
Ransom Rescate
Reed Junco
Regal Real
Rice Arroz
Rich Rico
Ridge Sierra
Road Camino
Robber Ladron
Roman Romano
Sailor Marinero
Saint Santo
Seal Sello
Sheep Oveja
Shepherd Pastor
Ship Barco
Shoemaker Zapatero
Shore Ribera
Singer Cantante
Sparrow Gorrion
Spear Lanza
Steel Acero
Sweep Barrer
Teacher Maestro
Temple Sien
Tower Torre
Town Pueblo
Treat Tratar
Valley Valle
Victor Vencedor
Vine Vid
Virgin Virgen
Waiter Camerero
Weave Tejer
White Blanco
Wood Bosque
Young Joven

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