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Many people, who sailed to the Americas, over the years from other counties, changed their names. They wanted to fit in. They didn’t want to stand out or be seen as different. Some people simply used a translation, of their surname. We will be adding to this list, as time permits. Multiple pages contain the name translations that some of these people have used. The translation tables are setup as follows:


English Swedish
Bank Strand
Barber Barerare
Beach Strand
Blacksmith Smed
Butcher Slaktare
Carpenter Snickare
Castle Slott
Champion Mastare
Cliff Klippa
Cook Kock
Creek Back
Cross Kors
Deer Radjur
Drum Tramma
Duck Anka
Eagle Orn
Emperor Kejsare
End Slut
Fair Klar
Farmer Bonde
Field Falt
Fisher Fiskare
Flax Lin
Flower Blooma
Fortune Tur
Fox Rav
Friend Van
Gale Blast
Goat Get
Gold Guld
Green Gron
Guard Vakt
Hail Hagla
Hawk Hok
Herd Hjord
Hoe Hacka
Hook Krok
Horn Horn
Hunter Jagare
Iron Jarn
Judge Domare
Junior Yugre
Knight Riddare
Lamb Lam
Law Lag
Lion Lejon
Little Liten
Lord Herre
Love Karlek
Major Storre
Mason Murare
Mayor Borgmastore
Minister Prast
Moon Mane
Mountain Berg
North Nord
Ox Oxe
Painter Malare
Parson Kyrkoherde
Pasture Betesmark
Peace Fred
Pebble Smusten
Peer Like
People Folk
Pigeon Dura
Pillar Pelare
Plow Plog
Poet Diktare
Pond Dam
Pope Pave
Printer Tryckare
Queen Drottning
Rain Regn
Ransom Losen
Reed Vass
Regal Kunglig
Rice Ris
Rich Rik
Ridge Bergas
Road Vag
Robber Runare
Roman Romersk
Sailor Sj’oman
Saint Helgon
Seal Sigill
Sheep Far
Shepherd Herde
Ship Skepp
Shoemaker Skomakare
Shore Strand
Singer Sangare
Sparrow Sparv
Spear Spjut
Steel Stal
Sweep Sopa
Teacher Larare
Temple Tinning
Tower Torn
Town Stad
Treat Behandla
Valley Dal
Victor Segrare
Vine Vinranka
Virgin Jungfru
Waiter Kypare
Weave Vava
White Vit
Wood Skog
Young Ung

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